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ECPL Offers Free Wi-Fi, ELearning Workspaces for Students

Thursday, August 15, 2020

ECPL Offers Free Wi-Fi, ELearning Workspaces for Students
(East Chicago, IN) In an effort to support students this schoolyear, the East Chicago Public Library will be offering free Wi-Fi and eLearning workspaces for East Chicago students K-12. Starting Monday, August 17, specific workspace areas will be designated specifically for eLearning students who may not have access to Wi-Fi at home. Access to Wi-Fi will be available at both library locations, 2401 E. Columbus Dr. (Main Library) and 1008 W. Chicago Ave. (Pastrick Branch). Laptops and computers will not be provided. If any assistance is needed with connection or set up, a library staff member will be available to offer support. Lunch will not be provided for students that utilize the library as a workspace.
Our staff will work to provide the best support while following pandemic precautions that include social distancing and sanitization of workspaces. Building and workstation capacities have been set up as a safety provision as well. We currently have a capacity of twenty (20) workspaces at the Main Library and thirty-two (32) workspaces at the Pastrick Branch. The capacity numbers are subject to change. The workspaces are first come, first served.
By instituting eLearning protocols, it is important that eLearning students arrive at the library prior to their start time. This will allow enough time to log in effectively and resolve any computer issues that may arise.
Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment that is conducive to learning for students. Our Wi-Fi and workspaces will be designated for educational needs directly. This service will help assist the East Chicago community to accommodate this newly constructed online method of learning.
For any questions, please contact Marla K. Spann, Library Director at 219.397.2453 ext. 22.
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