East Chicago Public Library

East Chicago Public Library Outreach Reading Room Monthly Activities

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Monday Computer Day
This is the day the children can do their homework online, access Tutor.Co and play different types of online games.

Tuesday Craft Day
We have art & craft that is available for the children to participate in. By encouraging the children to be a part of this activities it teaches them a variety of learning skills, help with their thinking and build their self-esteem.

Wednesday Reading Day
This is when we encourage the children to dream big by reading books. We also introduce the children to new books that has arrived for them to enjoy. The children can read their book alone or can read with a group and tell about the story they read.

Thursday Game Day
Calling all gamers come and join us to play a variety of board games, card games, computer games and creative building.
While playing these games the children are practicing their reading skill, strategies and basic understanding.

Friday Free Day
Computers, crafts, reading and games this is the day the children can pick and enjoy what they want to do.

Coming soon Reading Plus/Big Universe
This program is a Free After school Academic Coaching & Tutors in EC Community centers located in the Library Reading rooms.
2-3 Times Weekly 45-60 min lab sessions/ Register Now/ Martin Luther King, Penn. Clemente, Heritage, and 151st Reading Rooms.
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Bessie Owens
4001 Alexander Ave. - 397-4039
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Marktown Center
3509 Spruce Street - 391-8370
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Martin Luther King Center
4802 Melville Ave.
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Roxana Center
900 Shell Street